12% High Sulphur Block

The bacteria of the rumen require an array of minerals and elements to process feed.  Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur are some of the major elements required for the synthesis of amino acids and protein.  There is a concentration of these elements at which rumen microbes function optimally, so each of these elements must be in balance.  The effect of balancing these essential elements is an efficient breakdown of dry and fibrous feeds, such as dry pastures and stubbles.  When this ratio is correct, the protein derived from the bacteria in the rumen results in more digestion of the food eaten by the animal and more protein for the animal to digest.

Importance of 12% High Sulphur Blocks

Sulphur is also important in the function of fungi in the rumen.  The fungi are important in helping rumen bacteria derive more nutrients from dry and fibrous feeds.  When there is sulphur deficiency in the diet, the population of rumen fungi decrease dramatically, resulting in less energy and protein derived from dry feed consumed.

Sulphur also serves as a protective agent against the effects of prussic acid poisoning when animals graze plants such as sorghum or sudax.  Olssons 12% high sulphus should always be available to animals grazing these plants.  The C.S.I.R.O. has carried out test that have shown sulphur to have a liceocidal effect, which means that animals which have a sulphur supplement available at all times are more resistant to lice infestation than those without.

Feeding Instructions

Open carton and remove plastic cover if present, place away from water to maximize pasture utilization.  Place out sufficient blocks to avoid overcrowding of stock.  Initially, the consumption rate will be higher than average, but higher rates will drop after the initial “gorging” period.  Replace immediately when consumed.

Consumption Guide

The following rates will increase or decrease according to various pasture conditions.

  • Cattle 1 block per 15 head
  • Sheep/Goats 1 block per 50 head

Typical Analysis

Molasses 4.00%
Salt (NaCl) Max. 80%
Macro Ingredients
Sulphur (S) 12%

Pack Size

  • 20 kg block
  • 40 kg block