80% Feedlotters Concentrate

80% Feedlotters concentrate is a protein, vitamin and mineral concentrate with Rumensin and Flavo for feedlot cattle.  The concentrate is to be mixed with rolled grain and feed with a roughage source.

Features of 80% Feedlotters Concentrate

  • Supplies essential protein, vitamins and minerals required for growth.  It complements the nutrients present in the grain, to create a balanced ration.
  • Includes extra vitamin E that may help with stress and meat colour.
  • Organic zinc helps improve hoof condition.

Feeding Guide

  • FEEDLOT: Mix 4% (cattle over 300kg) or 5% (cattle under 300kg) of 80% feedlotters concentrate with 20% roughage and 75% rolled grain and thoroughly mix to form a balanced feedlot ration for cattle.
  • Cattle must be gradually introduced to high grain diets and the following table gives a sample introduction program for feedlot cattle under 300kg liveweight.
Days on Feed
Inclusion Rates
1 – 2 Nil Nil 100%
3 – 7 35% 5% 60%
8 – 12 45% 5% 50%
13 – 17 55% 5% 40%
18 – 22 65% 5% 30%
23 and over 75% 5% 20%
  • PASTURE BASED: Mix 4 – 5% 80% feedlotters concentrate with 95% rolled grain and thoroughly mix.  Can be used in a self-feeder provided adequate standing pasture is available or hay is supplied ad lib in a hay rack.  Self-feeders must initially have the slides adjusted to a finger width to restrict intake.  Gradually increase slide width to allow more access to the feed over a three week period.
Pasture Mix Rates
Cattle over 300kg 4% (40kg/tonne) 96%
Cattle under 300kg 5% (50kg/tonne) 95%
  • Additional lime (calcium source) and/or protein meal may be needed to balance some diets depending on grain protein level and class of animal.
  • Ensure that there is ample access to fresh, cool, clean water at all times.


This concentrate contains Rumensin which supplies Monensin Sodium at 625mg/kg for improved feed efficiency and weight gain.  It also contains Flavo which supplies Flavophospholipol at 125mg/kg to improve feed conversion efficiency and weight gain.

Withholding Period



Do not feed to dogs, horses or other equines as it may prove fatal.

Do not feed to sheep.

Feed only to cattle.

Typical Composition

Cottonseed meal, soybean meal, canola meal, urea, molasses, vegetable oil, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, ammonium sulphate, salt, Flavo, Rumensin, mould inhibitor, Riverina ruminant vitamin and mineral premix

(Base raw materials may gradually change seasonally)

Typical Analysis

Protein Min. 80.0%
Equiv. CP Max. 68.0%
Urea 22.00%
Calcium Min. 10%
Phosphorus Min. 0.60%
Sulphur Min. 1.50%
Salt 3.00%
Vitamin A 167,500 iu/kg
Vitamin D3 20,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E 775 mg/kg
Iron 1250.0 mg/kg
Copper 300.0 mg/kg
Manganese 1000.0 mg/kg
Selenium 2.5 mg/kg
Zinc 1150.0 mg/kg

Pack Size

  • 20 kg
  • Bulk