Aseptol can be used for cleaning shearing sheds, bails, milking sheds, fowl houses, piggeries and stables, cuts and wounds on sheep, cattle, poultry, pigs and horses.


  • Chlorhexidine 7.5g/L
  • Cetrimide 7.5g/L

What is Aseptol?

  • Contains chlorhexidine
  • Contains cetrimide
  • An effective antiseptic and disinfectant
  • A detergent
  • Nil withhold for meat, milk or eggs; Nil ESI
  • Convenient pack sizes

Withholding Period/ESI

  • Meat: Nil
  • Milk: Nil
  • Eggs: Nil
  • ESI: Nil

Why Choose Aseptol?

  • Contain chlorhexidine

Chlorhexidine is highly effective against many fungi, viruses, and most bacteria.  It is non-irritating, rarely sensitising, not inactivated by organic matter such as blood, dirt and manure, and has persistent action against most problematic organisms.  Chlorhexidine has a sustained residual effect due to  binding with skin proteins.  Chlorhexidine causes disruption of microbial cell membranes and precipitation of cell contents.  Resistance is unlikely to develop because of this non-specific mode of action.

  • Contains cetrimide

Cetrimide is an antiseptic agent with detergent properties that help cleaning.  It has a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria and fungi.  Cetrimide acts to prevent growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms in wounds, assisting in control of infection.

  • An effective antiseptic and disinfectant

The combination of both chlorhexidine and cetrimide makes Aseptol an effective germicide that can be used to assist in preventing infection in livestock.  Aseptol can be used around the farm or in the shearing shed to disinfect equipment used for procedures such as marking or dehorning, and to clean cuts and wounds.

  • A detergent that aids in cleaning

Aseptol is an effective detergent that will help in cleaning the toughest of grime from a range of items including farm buildings, shearing sheds and floor surfaces.


  • Buildings – Dilute 30 mL in 4.5 L of water
  • Wounds – Dilute 25 ml in 1 L of water

Pack Size

  • 1 L
  • 5 L
  • 20 L