Auto Trans Fluid ATF DEX-3

ATF Dex III is a transmission fluid designed for use in automatic transmissions where Dexron III, Dexron II or Mercon fluids have been specified. It is also commonly used as a power steering fluid or hydraulic fluid.
It is suitable for use with new technology transmission components and meets the need for improved fluid stability and reliability under increased operating temperature. ATF Dex III meets the most demanding of all ATF specifications.  Dyed red for identification.

Benefits of Auto Trans DEX-III

  • Approved for a wide range of automatic and hydraulic transmissions.
  • Cost effective option to Dexron III products.
  • May be used for service fill or top up where Dexron II, Dexron III and Mercon fluids are specified.
  • Provides excellent protection of mobile hydraulic pumps such as those of Denison, Sperry Vickers and Sundstrand.
  • Greatly improved low temperature properties for smooth cold shifts.
  • Excellent shear stability for long fluid and component life.
  • Has unsurpassed retention of frictional coefficient, for consistently smooth gear changes.


Dex-III, Dex IID, Allison C4, ZF, Mercon, Sunstrand 22, Vickers 35 VQ25A, Cat TO-2, Hagglunds Denison HF-O

Pack Size

  • 1 litre
  • 5 litre
  • 20 litre
  • 60 litre
  • 205 litre
  •  IBC