Barastoc 3 Grain Scratch Mix

Barastoc 3 grain scratch is a supplementary feed for backyard flocks suitable for all breeds of poultry from 16 weeks of age.

What Barastoc 3 Grain Scratch Mix Provides

We understand the pleasure of watching your birds scratch and forage, just as nature intended.  Barastoc 3 grain scratch mix is a special blend of whole and cracked grains that your birds will find irresistible.  Dispense through a feeder or scatter around the coop or garden to keep your flock happy and active.

  • A blend of whole and cracked grains and seeds, designed to complement the poultry diet
  • Formulated to entice birds and encourage their natural foraging behaviour
  • A variety of grains and seeds suitable to a diverse range of bird breeds and sizes

Feeding Guide

  • Ensure birds have continuous access to feed – do not restrict consumption
  • Self feeders designed for poultry are a good way to ensure feed is continuously available.  Barastoc 3 grain scratch mix may also be scattered liberally around the coop or yard to encourage natural foraging behaviour
  • Ensure birds have access to clean, fresh water at all times
  • Barastoc 3 grain scratch mix has been developed as a supplementary feed.  Ensure a Barastoc ‘Complete and Balanced’ feed such as ‘Golden Yolk’ makes up the majority of the birds daily intake to ensure a balanced diet.  Other feeds such as green scraps, pasture and hay may also be fed, but only in small quantities.


Cereal grains and by-products, legumes and their by-products, vegetable protein meals, fats and oils, calcium carbonate, di-calcium phosphate

Typical Analysis as Fed per kg

Min Crude Protein 10.0%
Min Crude Fat 2.5%
Max Crude Fibre 6.0%
Max Added Salt Nil
Min Calcium 2.0%
Min Available Phosphorus 0.3%
Min Added Copper Nil
Min Added Selenium Nil

Pack Size

  • 20 kg