Barastoc Chick Starter

Barastoc Chick Starter is a nutritious, balanced and complete crumbled feed for chicks, from hatching to 8 weeks of age.  Suited to a wide range of layer bird breeds.

What Barastoc Chick Starter Provides

We understand that for a chick to develop into a laying champion it needs to be provided with a high quality feed during the first 8 weeks after hatching.  This will optimise its growth, health and well-being during this crucial developmental stage.

  • Feed is a concentrate of high-quality ingredients that meet the nutritional demands of growing chicks
  • Contains an anti-coccidial as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis
  • Presented as a small crumble which is suitable for small beaks
  • Suitable to chickens being reared to lay eggs for the table, breed replacement pullets or be ornamental birds

Feeding Guide

  • Ensure birds have continuous access to feed – do not restrict feed consumption
  • Self-feeders designed for poultry are a good way to ensure feed is continuously available
  • Ensure that chicks have access to clean, fresh water at all times
  • Hatchlings can be encouraged to start eating feed by scattering feed on newspaper placed around feeders
  • Care for young stock according to the instructions of your livestock provider.

Expected Feed Consumption

  • You can expect young chicks to consume 50 grams of feed per bird each day
  • In the starting period from hatching to 8 weeks of age, you can expect each bird to consume a total of approximately 2.5 kilograms of feed


Typical Analysis

Crude Protein (minimum) 19.5%
Urea Nil
Crude Fat (minimum) 2.5%
Crude Fibre (maximum) 6.0%
Salt (maximum added) 0.3%
Calcium (minimum) 1.0%
Phosphorus (minimum) 0.5%
Copper (added) 8.0mg/kg
Selenium (added) 0.3mg/kg
Bovatec 20CC (Lasaloacid Sodium) 0.04%

Pack Size

  • 20 kg