Barastoc Goat Pellet

Barastoc Goat pellet is a palatable, nutritious and balanced pelleted feed made from cereal grains that is suitable for supplementary feeding of all goats.  Particularly during growth, breeding and lactating when nutrient needs are higher.  Suitable for a wide range of goats breeds.

What Barastoc Goat Pellets Provide

  • Higher energy, lower fibre formulation makes it ideal for meat and milking goats
  • Provides all the minerals and vitamins they need, in the right for and the right balance
  • Contains ammonium chloride or ammonium sulphate for urinary track health
  • Pelleted for ease of handling and to minimize wastage

Feeding Guide

Barastoc goat pellet is suitable for feeding to growing, breeding and lactating (milking) goats, as a supplement to good quality pasture or hay.

Start feeding goats with goat pellets are a rate of 0.25 kilograms per 50 kilograms body weight per animal per day.  Gradually increase the rate of feeding each day for the next 21 days up to 0.8 kilograms per 50 kilograms body weight per animal per day.  (For example, a 70 kilogram goat would require approximately 1.2 kilograms per day).

Ensure that a plentiful supply of fresh, clean water is available at all times.


Cereal grains and by-products, legumes and their by-products, vegetable protein meals, vegetable fats and oils, minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, ammonium sulphate/ammonium chloride


Typical Analysis

Total Crude Protein and Equivalent Crude Protein (minimum) 10.4%
Crude Protein (minimum) 12.0%
Equivalent Crude Protein (maximum) 2.0%
Urea Nil
Crude Fat (minimum) 2.0%
Crude Fibre (minimum) 12.0%
Salt (maximum added) 0.5%
Copper (added) 20.0mg/kg
Selenium (added) 0.2mg/kg
Calcium (minimum) 0.9%
Phosphorus (minimum) 0.5%
ME (Ruminant)(minimum) 10.5MJ/kg
Zinc (minimum) 100mg/kg
Iodine (minimum) 0.6mg/kg
Vitamin A (minimum) 5,000IU/kg
Vitamin D (minimum) 700IU/kg
Vitamin E (minimum) 60mg/kg

Pack Size

  • 20 kg