Barastoc Pig Finisher

Barastoc Pig Finisher is a pelleted feed, designed to be fed from 15 weeks of age through to market or breeding.  May be fed from as early as 12 weeks of age if desired, following a weaner feed.

What Barastoc Pig Finisher Provides

  • Optimal and efficient growth through the growing phase
  • An ideal follow-on diet from Barastoc Pig Grower
  • High energy content with correctly balanced amounts of amino acids for the finishing stage of growing pigs
  • High levels of vitamins, major and trace minerals
  • Ingredients carefully selected and processed to provide a highly digestible diet for growing pigs

Feeding Guide

Feed ad-lib to pigs throughout the growing phase from 15 weeks of age (approximately 50 kg liveweight), though to market or breeding at 22 weeks of age.

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein (minimum) 13.0%
Urea Nil
Crude Fat (minimum) 2.0%
Crude Fibre (minimum) 6.0%
Salt (maximum added) 0.25%
Calcium (minimum) 1.0%
Copper (added) 160mg/kg
Selenium (added) 0.2mg/kg
Digestable Energy (DE) 13MJ/kg
Available Lysine (g): Digestable Energy (MJ) 0.55

Pack Size

  • 20 kg