Beachport Black Cap Selenium Free

Beachport Black Cap has been formulated for sheep to use with worm drenches that have a selenium component or used in conjunction with other products that have selenium included. With the base of the 3-in-1 combination of trace elements, amino acids and electrolytes for improving the performance of cattle & sheep this product is exactly the same formulation as the BLM Blue Cap, with the SELENIUM excluded.

Benefits of Beachport Black Cap

  • Includes essential trace elements required for optimal wool production
  • Feed conversion of both dry and green feed
  • Supports rumen development of young animals
  • Improves wool cut and tensile strength
  • Assist in improving fertility and survival rates
  • Aids in tightening up lambing periods with a more even drop
  • High amino acid content (the building block of protein)
  • Readily absorbed by the rumen
  • Nil withholding period

Key Times of Use

If using black cap every 6 weeks isn’t feasible in your operation, consider using in these key times:

Pre-Joining: Treat ewes 2-3 weeks prior to putting the ram in

Pre-Lambing: treat 2 weeks prior to lambing. This will see the animal through lambing into lactation and help with recovery.  HIGHLY recommend using in water NOT orally dosing to reduce stress on heavily pregnant animals.

Rams: Start using 6 weeks prior to mating

Feed Conversion: for dry and green feed to maximise production

Target Analysis

Amounts in mg/L
Cobalt 2900
Copper 3800
Manganese 4800
Zinc 4800
Magnesium 2800
Potassium 735
Sodium 1750
Sulphur 14,000

This product also contains fulvic acid and kelp/seagrass extract.

Pack Size

  • 10 L
  • 20 L
  • 200 L
  • 1000 L
  • Starter Packs also available