Beachport Red Cap

Beachport Red Cap is formulated specifically to benefit horses after times of work or stress. With the benefits of a trace element combination,  electrolytes and amino acids suitable for the equine industry the Red Cap is designed to assist horses after strenuous exercise to bring them
back up, to help with growing out young horses and also broodmares.

Benefits of Beachport Red Cap

  • Application flexibility – can be used in water supply, mixed with feed or given orally
  • Key trace elements to aid in muscle protein, muscle strength and function, coat health, condition, growth rate, reproduction, lactation and also in the immune system
  • Amino acids and electrolytes in the Red Cap help a horse’s recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Kelp/Seagrass extract with over 90 different natural nutrients are included for overall health of the horse
  • This product DOES NOT contain urea.

Key Times of Use

  • Can be used all year round at 2 week intervals for maintenance level
  • Directly after strenuous work

Dose Rates

To get best results for horses in work or stress:

  • 20 mls for mature horses every 2 weeks.  No more than 60 mls per 6 weeks
  • 10 mls for younger and lighter horses every 2 weeks.  No more than 30 mls per 6 weeks.

Can be added to water supply, or mix with feed or give orally.

Target Analysis

Amounts in mg/L
Cobalt 2500
Copper 3450
Manganese 4000
Zinc 4300
Magnesium 3000
Selenium 1000
Potassium 735
Sodium 1750
Sulphur 14,000

This product also contains fulvic acids and kelp/seagrass extract.

Pack Sizes

  • 1 L
  • 5 L
  • 10 L