GP Regain 200

GP Regain 200 is a quality Australian manufactured Tebuthiuron
granule, suitable for Aerial, ground and hand application.

GP Regain 200 can be applied at any time of the year and
treatments become effective after sufficient rainfall mobilizes
the active into the root zone where it is absorbed by the woody
plants. Herbicidal activity will continue for several seasons after
application. During this time the woody weeds may go through
repeated defoliations and regrowths until death occurs. The
time required for complete plant death depends on soil type,
amount of rainfall, root depth, plant species, plant density and
rate of Regain 200 used. The rate used for aerial and ground
applications will be between 7.5kg to 15kg per hectare. A single
application is normally effective for several years.
Forage grass production usually increases as woody weed
competition is reduced. Increased grass production is also
dependent on adequate rainfall and an acceptable grazing
management program.

Rigorous quality assurance and environmental due diligence
procedures are required to provide applicators with accreditation.

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