iO Equidose Complete Green Wormer

iO Equidose Complete Wormer is an oral worming paste for horses.  All horses should be subject to regular worming to maintain good health and peak condition.


167 mg/g Morantel Tartrate

4 mg/g Abamectin

iO Equidose Complete Green Indications

At the dosage rate of 5.4 g per 100 kg of bodyweight, iO Equidose Complete is indicated for the treatment and control of the following parasites in horses:

  • Ascarids: Paracaris equorum (adult and immature)
  • Bots: Gasterophilus spp. (oral and gastric stages)
  • Hairworms: Trichostrongylus axei (adult)
  • Intestinal Threadworms: Strongyloides westeri (adult)
  • Large Mouthed Stomach Worms: Habronema muscae (adult)
  • Large and Small Strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (adults and aterial laral stages), Strongylus endentatus (adult and tissue stages), Stongylus equinus (adults) and triodontophorus spp. (adults).  Syanthostomum spp, Cyclicocyclus spp, Cylicostephanus spp, Gylacephalus spp.
  • Lungworms: Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (adult and immature)
  • Neck threadworms: Onchocerca spp (microfilariae)
  • Pinworms: Oxyuris equi (adult and immature)
  • Tapeworms: Anoplocephala pefoliata

iO Equidose Complete also controls skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous larvae (summers sores), and Onchocerca spp. microfilariae (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

Dose Rate & Directions of Use

The contents of this syringe will treat one horse at 600 kg bodyweight. Each weight marking on the syringe plunger will deliver (5 mL) of paste which is sufficient to treat 100 kg of body weight.

Foals should be treated initially at 6 to 8 weeks of age and this treatment is repeated regularly as required.  This product may be used in both young foals and very old animals.  Mares may be treated at any stage of pregnancy and fertility will not be affected in either sex.

Withholding Period

Meat: DO NOT USE less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption

Pack Size

  • 32.5 g syringe
  • Bucket of 60 syringes