Wild River Concrete Round Trough

Wild River Concrete manufacture and distribute the highly regarded Mid West Concrete round 1000L and 2000L round troughs.  They are designed with a  plumbing recess to keep the water inlet pipe away from stock.  They have a rounded top edge and a smooth double vibrated finish.  Featuring a water sump at the outlet for ease of cleaning.

Diameter Outside 2500mm / 8’4″ 1600mm / 5’4″
Height 590mm / 1’11” 700mm / 2’4″
Weight 1700kg 920kg
Volume 2000L / 440 gal 1000L / 220 gal
Inlet Size 50mm / 2″ 40mm / 1.5″
Outlet Size 100mm / 4″ 100mm / 4″

The round troughs can be installed with an optional concrete float protector which stands in the base of the trough and has a cut out that sits over the inlet recess ledge.  The weight is approximately 250kg and saves the float valve from damage if stock get into the trough.

Sizes Available

  • 1000 L
  • 2000 L